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quarta, 22/05



Full Moon Ceremony ~ Sagittarius ❤️‍🔥

Mamas, this is our time to LET GO & RELEASE. In a sacred circle of mothers & sisters, we connect to the healing energies of the full moon, ceremonial cacao & the fire element. Through meditation, journaling & sharing, we release what is no longer serving us. Start 18.30 / End 21.00 / €27

Full Moon Ceremony ~ Sagittarius ❤️‍🔥
Full Moon Ceremony ~ Sagittarius ❤️‍🔥

Time & Location

22/05/2024, 18:30 – 21:00

Aljezur, Cerca dos Pomares, 8670 Aljezur, Portugal

About the event

Full Moon in Sagittarius

The final full moon of spring comes to us with fiery Sagittarius energy 🌕🏹  - a powerful opportunity to release anything that is holding you back from being in your most radiant self.

Our rituals include 

✨ a heart-opening cacao ritual

✨ a guided meditation journey

✨ releasing journaling 

✨ a powerful fire ritual 

✨ ancient wisdom about the fire element within us

As usual, there will be a safe space to share anything that is present with you or came up during our ceremony, too (optional).

What’s included:

✨ 2.5 hours of guided ritual

✨ ceremonial grade cacao

✨ herbal tea & a delicious Ayurvedic sweet 

✨ a safe and nourishing space to connect and share with fellow mamas

✨ rugs and cushions to sit on

✨ recording of the meditation journey (sent out the day after)

What to bring:

✨ water bottle

✨ journal/ paper and pen

✨ warm layer (socks, pullover or blanket)

✨ and above all, your beautiful presence

The details

Date: Wednesday, 22.05.2024

Start: 18.30

End: 21.00

Location: Cerca dos Pomares, Aljezur (will send a pin to the exact spot)

Price: 20-35 euros (sliding scale)

🧜‍♀️ This circle is for women who are:

  • Longing for connection with like-minded mothers, to not feel alone anymore
  • Seeking for a safe & supportive container - a group of fellow mamas - to share, grow and be held in
  • Yearning for an evening of “me-time” & nurturance, where the focus is on RECEIVING instead of giving
  • Wanting direction and clarity to navigate through the next month
  • Searching to connect with their most wise, centred, courageous and empowered self
  • Longing to strengthen and (re-)awaken their relationship with the moon and the divine feminine force inside of them
  • Trying to find more balance in their roles as mothers, partners/wives and women
  • Seeking expansion and healing on a holistic level - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual
  • Drawn to bring (back) more sacredness & ritual to their lives

🌕 What happens at a Full Moon Ceremony?

Full moon is when the veil between the physical and spiritual world becomes thinner - a potent time to release what no longer serves us and invite positive change into our lives 💥 While new moons are the moment to plant seeds, the full moon is when we dig in the dirt and pull the weeds. Clearing our inner garden of anything that is in the way of us thriving & being in full bloom 💮

During a Full Moon ceremony, we honour the fullness of anything that is present within us. But above all, we celebrate us as mothers, as women, as sisters and harness our ability to connect with our inner selves and the cycles of nature 🌀 It's a powerful reminder of the strength, resilience, and wisdom that women carry within them, and offers a space for growth, healing, and connection. Held within a safe and nourishing container, we engage in rituals to shed stuck emotions, patterns or limiting beliefs.

Each Full Moon stands under an astrological sign, which we will use to set a unified intention and fully harness its energetics and potential. Let’s carve out the space to sit together in ceremony and shed anything that keeps us small 💪

Looking forward to seeing & holding space for you 🧜‍♀️

To reserve your place, click the button below 👇

P.S. As I will prepare cacao for everyone, and the space is also limited, I kindly ask you to let me know if anything changes. I know that mama life is full of unexpected surprises, but it is important to contact me if you need to cancel last minute  🙏

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