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1:1 Ayurveda 

Are you looking for radical shifts in your health & wellbeing before / during pregnancy, after birth (postpartum), as busy toddler/ preschooler mama, or any other stage of motherhood? Ayurveda consultations are in depth, go to the root of your imbalances and honor YOUR unique to your personal blueprint and current life situation. 


Find a list of all available Ayurveda consultation packages below. 

Free Ayurveda Clarity Call

Are my Ayurveda consultations the right path for you? Schedule your FREE 15-MINUTE CLARITY CALL with Claudi and take the first step to create long-lasting shifts in your health and wellbeing as a mother! This call is a great chance to get to know each other and gain clarity on how feminine-form Ayurveda can support you on your unique healing journey.

1:1 Ayurveda Consultation Packages



Consists of :

  • 1 in-depth Intake session (90-120 min)

  • 1 Ayurvedic Findings session (80-90 min)

  • 1 Follow Up visit (70 min)



Consists of :

  • 1 in-depth Intake session (90-120 min)

  • 1 Ayurvedic Findings session (80-90 min)

  • 3 Follow Up visits (70 min)



Consists of :

  • 1 in-depth Intake session (90-120 min)

  • 1 Ayurvedic Findings session (80-90 min)

  • 5 Follow Up visits (70 min)

Ayurveda Consultations: What to expect

STEP 1: I send you a detailed intake form for you to fill out (takes about 1-2 hours). After you send it back to me, I need around 48-72 hrs to review it. We then schedule our Ayurvedic Intake Meeting.


STEP 2: In our Ayurvedic Intake Meeting, I ask you targeted questions based on the answers in your form. This all serves the purpose of fully getting to know your story. We want to dig down to the root, so the more I know and understand about what brought you here, the better. At the end of the session, you will get first recommendations and potentially some reading material from me. We also schedule our second visit, the Ayurvedic Findings Session.


STEP 3: The Ayurvedic Findings Session usually happens around 7-10 days after the Intake Meeting. It includes your unique body-mind blueprint (doshas) and a detailed analysis of current imbalances and factors that led to it, as well as a Journey Plan (steps I recommend for your healing journey). 


STEP 4: From here, we do a Follow Up visit every 2-3 weeks, based on your schedule and time needed to implement. The number of Follow-Ups depends on the package you chose, and can be extended any time by booking an extra Follow Up.


Every Ayurveda consultation typically includes:

  • Depending on your preference, I like to open my sessions with a 10-15 minute grounding exercise. This helps us to focus our presence and drop into the sacred container of the 1:1 session. But it is totally optional.

  • Check-in: Update on any changes, any physical, mental, emotional symptoms and tongue assessment

  • Education on findings and new recommendations based on our journey plan

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